Written By: Mel

Okay, I’ll confess I was in a bad mood, but it wasn’t my fault. My best friend had to go out of town for a week and I was alone, abandoned by the person I’d come to count on when I was in trouble and boy, was I in trouble.

Cecily, that’s my best friend’s name, had come into my life a year ago quite by accident. I am a civil engineer and work in the planning department of the City Hall. Cecily’s a teacher and she had brought her grade six class down for a tour and a chance to meet the Mayor. I had a major project to present to the town council that afternoon and was rushing down the hallway with an armload of blue prints just as Cecily and her class were coming up the hall. As I turned the corner, so did Cecily and well you guessed it, we collided.

Rolls of blue prints were strewn all over the floor along with a pretty young woman with long dark brown hair. I was horrified to have knocked someone over in my haste and immediately bent to help her up. She in turn seemed equally distressed over the mess of blue prints on the floor all around us.

We were surrounded by a gaggle of giggling twelve-year-olds who seemed to think that seeing their teacher dumped on the floor was equivalent to the best of slapstick comedy. I soon had my plans gathered back in my arms and after making what must have been the tenth apology, I left this teacher and her students to continue their tour. I went on to make my presentation and it was to my pleasure a huge success.

That same evening I was meeting my partner, Eric, for dinner at a restaurant near to our home and I was in the mood to celebrate after my success that afternoon. Eric was running late so I took a booth by the front and ordered a glass of wine while I waited. As I was reading the menu someone sat down across from me. I looked up fully expecting to see my partner’s face and was taken back by the smiling visage of the young teacher I had bowled over that afternoon.

“Fancy meeting you here,” she said with a smile.

I laughed and we began to chat. After chuckling over this afternoon’s collision, we exchanged names and pleasantries. The ringing of my cell phone interrupted our conversation and I excused myself to take the call.

“Reggie, honey, I’m so sorry…..,” Eric began.

I knew immediately this wasn’t going to be a phone call I liked. Eric spent five minutes explaining and apologizing, giving me all the perfectly reasonable and logical reasons he couldn’t meet me for dinner. He followed this up with a set of very toppish instructions, not to have any more alcohol than I’d already had, to eat a healthy meal and to go straight home afterwards. Well I wasn’t exactly a happy camper and snapped to phone shut harder than was strictly good for it.

I had forgotten that Cecily was still sitting across from me until I looked up to see her frowning face.

“Trouble?” she asked sweetly.

I know I must have looked pretty angry and by God, I was. Who did he think he was, standing me up for dinner and then giving me orders on what to drink and eat? “My partner,” I explained. “He’s not going to be able to join me for dinner.”

“Business partner?” she inquired.

“Life partner,” I explained.

The tiniest hint of a frown seemed to pass over her face but so brief was it, I couldn’t say for sure as her pretty smile reappeared.

“Are you meeting someone?” I asked her.

She laughed and said, “I had actually come in to get some take out, when I saw you sitting there and couldn’t resist saying hello.” She paused as if considering something then asked. “Do you feel like some company?”

I was still steaming at Eric and the thought of eating my dinner all alone wasn’t pleasant, so I readily agreed. Being in full Brat mode, I ordered more wine and Cecily joined me. As we talked we found we had a lot in common. Over the course of the meal I ordered several more glasses of wine. Cecily stopped drinking after her second glass.

Of course the more I drank, the looser grew my tongue. She was wonderfully easy to talk to and I began to tell her about Eric and me, how we’d met, about my family and background. Now this conversation wasn’t totally one-sided. Cecily was sharing stories of her life with me and that is where the cat slipped out of the bag.

Cecily told me of a recent incident in her life where she was terribly upset with something rather mean-spirited that a colleague had done to her. She explained that in her anger she decided to take a bit of revenge on this person. She had been in the staff office an hour before a meeting and saw this guy finishing up a Power Point presentation he would be giving for the meeting. When he left the room she quickly sat at the computer and made a fast alteration to the name of the school principal from Mr. Walter Cummings to Mr. Walters Cumming, as well as changing the title of the presentation from ‘Inter-Connections Between Courses’ to ‘Inter-Course Between Connections’.

When I started to roar with laughter over this, she shook her head sadly and said that although at the time everyone had laughed, the poor guy had gotten so upset by ‘his’ error that he requested a transfer to another school. Cecily ended up being chewed up with guilt over her prank.

With alcohol as lubricant, my mouth moved without the effort of thought. “Eric would have paddled my ass till it was blue for a move like that. He hates pranks especially when they are done as revenge.” It took me a moment to realize what I had said. I was in shock and my face must have turned twenty different shades of red.

When I finally looked up, I expected to see shock or possibly disgust in the face before me, instead I saw what seemed to be a slight smile and nod of understanding. Could she really understand what kind of relationship Eric and I shared?

I tried to speak. “I umm….well I…” was all that would come out. Where was the ease of speaking that the alcohol had provided a few seconds before?

“Reggie, you don’t need to be embarrassed. It’s okay, it’s none of my business I know, but I do understand. I know about domestic discipline, if that’s what you were referring to.” She gave me the sweetest gentlest smile. “I realize that I hardly know you, but I like you. I pride myself on being a good judge of character and can just tell that you are a good man and I’d like to get to know you better. I think we could become good friends.”

My head was spinning. Between the embarrassment and the alcohol I didn’t know what to say, but there was something about this sweet woman, something that made me feel that I could tell her anything and she’d understand me.

That was a little over a year ago and we have become fast friends. Cecily has become my confessor, my confidant. Of all the people I know, only Eric do I trust more than Cecily.

Now here was I in huge trouble with Eric. Ha! Trouble isn’t a strong enough word. Eric was going to kill me and I didn’t have my best friend to talk with, to help me face what I had done and listen to me pour out my feelings after I’d lived through the consequences. It’s so stupid if I think about it. I mean I managed to deal with these things before Cecily came into my life. Why had it become so hard now?

Then I thought about Eric’s car and I knew I needed someone to help calm me so I could go forth and explain to my partner what I had done. Eric had bought a brand new Toyota Celica with manual transmission. This had been his dream car; he’d saved for a long time and had it special ordered with all the bells and whistles he wanted.

Normally I wasn’t all that interested in cars, having come from a family of wealth I’d seen and driven my share of nice cars. However, with all the cars I’d driven, none had had a manual transmission. Only two days after he’d taken possession of the car, Eric took me out to an empty parking lot and with infinite patience attempted to teach me the finer points of driving a stick. To say the least, I was not a quick student. Oh, I did try but it seemed I had slipped back to my school days when ADHD was in full control of my behaviour. The whole thing ended rather unhappily with Eric displeased and me sporting a sore behind.

That was last night. The night that as if by some horrible design, both my partner and best friend left town for business trips. Eric was only to be gone for two nights, but Cecily was representing special education teachers at a conference in Montreal and would be gone all week.

Before Eric left he made sure to instruct me not to touch his car. Oh, he was kind about assuring me that with patience I would learn to drive a manual transmission, but I wasn’t to attempt to do so on my own. I had of course promised not to even lay a finger on his precious car, but it seemed the fates were conspiring against me.

The following morning I was running late for work, I always have trouble getting up without Eric there to jostle me out of bed. The second I turned the key in the ignition of my car I knew I was in trouble, no sound of the engine turning nothing at all but a slight clicking noise. Damn the fucking battery was dead. A glance at the dashboard gave the explanation I’d left the headlights on when I’d come home the evening before after dropping Eric at the airport. Now what was I to do?

The answer was parked right in front of me, Eric’s shiny new car. Of course a little voice in the back of my head was yelling out ‘Don’t you dare!’ but the Brat voice was yelling out much louder ‘Come on take it, he’ll never know’. It was the Brat voice that won the argument. I tore into the house for the spare keys he’d so carefully placed in his desk drawer.

When I started up the car I knew I’d have to do some cautious maneuvering to get it out of the driveway. My car was parked behind it and although our drive is wider than a single car width, it would be extremely tight for two cars to be side by side. The top half of the driveway is flanked on one side by the house and the other by two large maple trees. My car was up close to the house so I would have to back Eric’s out around it and ease between it and the trees.

Drawing a deep breath and totally ignoring the little voice yelling at me to stop, I steeled myself to do this. I carefully thought through the positions for reverse and first gear, I easily got it into reverse and began the maneuvering. I was feeling quite proud of myself as I got the car worked over to the other side of the drive and began to reverse it between my car and the trees. I got it past the first tree and realized that I was slightly angled and could end up clipping my own car; so I pulled forward and straightened out a bit and started to back up again.

At that same moment, the garbage collection truck stopped at the bottom of the driveway to pick up the trash. I braked and waited for him to move on. That’s when disaster struck. I got confused and didn’t realize I was already in reverse and I put the thing into first. I don’t know what happened to my brain in the next few seconds, but it obviously stepped out and left me. As I started to move forward, instead of breaking I put my foot on the gas and sent the right front fender scraping against the bark of the maple tree. By some great fortune my brain began to work again quickly enough for me to brake and prevent the whole side of the car from being dragged against the tree. I managed to get the car stopped and sat there with my heart pounding so loud in my chest, I was sure they could hear it twenty miles away. I couldn’t tell you how long I sat without moving, but finally I pulled myself together enough to get shakily out and walk around the vehicle to assess the damage.

The paint had been badly scratched from the front of the fender back to the wheel well but thank the gods, it didn’t appear to have damaged the fender itself. The metal wasn’t dented or crumpled at all. It could have been much worse. I knew that, but it wasn’t going to save my hide. Eric was going to kill me, and hell I couldn’t blame him. I wanted to kill me.

I began to feel dizzy and queasy. The longer I looked at the damage, the sicker I felt. Moments later I was kneeling on the grass, heaving up bile from my empty stomach. I climbed back to my feet when I was feeling less nauseous and made my way slowly back into the house. I knew the cause of my dizziness was not only the accident but by the fact that I had eaten nothing that morning in my rush to get out the door to work on time. I laughed at the irony there since one of the things Eric had reminded me of before he left was to eat properly and not skip breakfast. Eating regularly is one of the most important things I do to keep my ADHD in control, steady blood sugar levels with balanced nutrition make a huge difference in how I cope. Now not only had I disobeyed Eric by driving his car, I had also broken the cardinal rule about eating.

At this point I knew I was too upset to manage work, so I called in and told my boss I was sick. Not really a lie was it? I mean I was feeling like crap and had just heaved my guts up on the lawn, if that doesn’t qualify as sick I don’t know what does. I went and lay down on the living room couch for the next hour trying to pull myself together, but the upset of the accident combined with low blood sugar just lead me to a massive headache.

I picked up the cordless phone half a dozen different times, alternating from wanting to call Eric or Cecily. Each time I would begin to punch in their cell phone numbers and each time I hung up before I was finished. I couldn’t bring myself to disturb either of them during a business trip, especially with my embarrassment over what I had done. I paced the floor and walked in and out of the house, looking again and again at the damage to the car, hoping for some miracle that would make the huge scratch just disappear.

As the day wore on, I was becoming more and more agitated. I thought a couple of times about eating, knowing that that would be the first thing Eric would want me to do, but I felt so ill every time I even considered food that I didn’t have a thing. The more I thought about this trouble I was in, the more I convinced myself it was all the fault of my car having such a lousy battery. A battery I had bought only last winter from the mechanic Eric always used. The guy was the brother of one of Eric’s friends and always gave us a break on the labour portion of the bill. That was the problem, that stupid ass had sold me an inferior battery, this was entirely his fault.

I went into Eric’s office to get the number and call this guy to give him a piece of my mind. Eric normally kept his personal phone book in his top desk drawer, but when I looked there it was not to be found. I pulled the drawer out all the way and began to toss the contents on the desk top as I searched. One by one I went through all the drawers dumping papers and supplies all over the desk and floor in my frantic need to call the mechanic. It wasn’t until after turning his office into a war zone that I came to the conclusion that Eric must have taken the book with him. Of course, being a man of brilliant forethought it then occurred to me that I could have looked the number up in the yellow pages.

Minutes later, with number in hand I was on the phone to John’s Auto Shop. John had a small independent business and was often too busy to take calls himself, leaving it to voice mail. When I heard the tone I set out in a tirade that would have shocked a seasoned sailor, accusing John of everything from incompetence to theft. I ended the call with a threat to contact my lawyer and slammed the phone down.

I was seriously out of control of myself, pacing the floor and slamming doors and cupboards as I passed them. I was feeling dizzy again and climbed the stairs slowly and crawled under the covers of our bed. I pulled Eric’s pillow to me and was comforted by the telltale scent of his cologne. I needed him and yet I didn’t want to talk to him. How could I? What was I going to say to him? I fell into a fitful sleep and was awakened a couple of hours later by the ringing phone.

It was dark in the room illuminated only by the light of the clock on the nightstand. I fumbled for the phone and spoke a groggy hello into the receiver.

“Hey, Reggie” came the bubbly voice of my best friend. “You sound like I just woke you. I thought I would have caught you just coming in from work.”

“Hi, Cec,” I said trying to sound a little more coherent. “How’s the trip going?”

“Havin’ a great time. These conferences are a blast”

“That’s nice,” I mumbled. “I’m glad it’s going well for you.” My voice was still rough.

“You wanna tell me why you were sleeping at this time of day?” She asked in her usual straight-forward way.

Trying to fend her off a bit, I answered her with a question. “Can’t a guy take a nap without an inquisition?”

“Okay, sweetie, what’s wrong?”

Damn! How could she read me so well? I took a deep breath trying to decide what I wanted to say. “I’ve got a problem.”

“What’s happened?”

“Nothing really, just Eric’s going to kill me.”

I could almost see that gentle understanding smile of hers as she spoke. “Honey, Eric worships you. Nothing you could have done would change that. Now tell me about it and we’ll work this out together.”

I sighed, this was what I needed, someone to share this horror with. I recounted the whole sad story for her. As I told her the last bit about leaving the nasty message on the mechanic’s voice male, I added, “I’m such a fucked-up idiot, Cecily. I don’t know why either you or Eric put up with me.”

“Stop it right now!” She admonished quickly. “You are NOT a fucked-up idiot or any other kind of idiot either. And Eric and I do not put up with you. We both love you.”

I laughed without the slightest bit of humour. “Maybe you two need to rethink that. I know Eric will when he sees his car.”

“Reggie, honey, listen to me. I know you’re upset and that can make anyone say things they don’t mean, but you need to remember just how much you are loved and valued. If you think for one second that Eric values you less than he does that car, you are sadly mistaken, my friend.”

How does Cecily do this? She has the ability to make me see the bright skies during a hurricane. We talked for nearly an hour and by the time I hung up the phone I was feeling one hundred percent calmer. I was ready to talk with Eric, to face the music as it were. I didn’t have long to wait. Less than ten minutes later the phone was again ringing.

My ‘hello’ was answered by the deep and reassuring tones of my partner. “Hey, babe, how are you?”

“I’ve been better. Eric, I need to talk with you about something.”

His voice was less enthusiastic as he spoke, but still calm and comforting. “Okay, honey, I’m listening.”

Once the whole sordid story was explained; my beloved partner’s first inquiry was of course not about his car or my unpleasant tirade at the mechanic, but simply was I okay. He made me go and get something to eat while he held the phone, then I was told quite firmly to go take a warm bath and get into bed.

Less than five minutes after I was in bed, Eric called back and talked to me but not about the accident or the trouble I knew I was in, that he told me in no uncertain terms was not something he would discuss until he was home the next day. Instead he just talked as if there were no problems whatsoever. He told me about his trip, even taking the time to describe the dreary hotel room.

“You think you can sleep now, honey?” he inquired after he’d finished talking about his trip.

“I’ll try,” I said without much conviction.

“Take off your boxers!” he ordered.

“Huh?” was all I could think.

“Do it now, Reggie. Take off your boxers.” His voice was deep and husky.

I quickly did as I’d been told. “Don’t speak, just do what you’re told. Use just your finger tips and slowly caress your chest and abdomen.” I followed the instructions and felt shivers spreading up my spine. “Now gently pinch your nipples, roll them between your fingers, squeeze harder, now keep pinching.”

My cock was soon standing at full attention. “Now slowly, very slowly bring you right hand down till it’s just touching that hard cock of yours.”

I laughed, “What makes you think it’s hard?”

“Quiet! No talking remember?” he responded. “Using just your index finger slide it up and down the underside and around the head, just keep doing it.” I was beginning to pant with need. “Now take it firmly in your hand, keep pinching your left nipple and stroke yourself, just the way I do it.”

Oh god, this was so hot! My breathing quickly was becoming ragged as he told me exactly how to stroke, how hard and how fast. “Okay, a couple more stokes and you’re going to cum. Come on, baby. Now!” I came just as he said the word. As I regained my breath I could hear him chuckle lightly. “Feeling better?”

“Oh God, yes!” I whispered.

“Now go to sleep, honey. I’ll be home tomorrow afternoon okay? I love you.”

“Love you too, Eric. Thank you.”

“Night, babe!” he said and he was gone.

Despite my worries over what was coming the next day; I slept soundly.

I did as Eric told me to do and took a taxi to work the next morning and put in a reasonable day at work. Eric was waiting for me as I came out of the office. He’d taken a cab home from the airport and then drove his beautiful, but scarred new car to pick me up. I couldn’t help but stare at the huge scratch for a moment as I approached it. I was frowning sadly as I opened the door, but I was greeted by a smile, a loving kiss and hug from the man who means the world to me.

“Eric, I’m so sorry, I…” I began, but he reached over and squeezed my knee as he pulled away from the curb.

“Not now, honey, later at home. Now tell me about your day.” He was so calm and his words so soothing. The drive home was filled with mundane chat, I only wish that is could have totally removed the nagging trepidation in my gut. As we walked in the front door, I was prepared for Eric to take me into his office for our “talk” but instead was lead into the kitchen where the smell of his wonderful Ziti casserole filled the air.

We ate dinner, talking amicably about the upcoming weekend and our plans to go to a friend’s cottage. Anytime I even hinted at the subject of the car, I was firmly told we’d discuss it in his time; not mine.

Finally after we had the kitchen cleaned up, he slipped his arms around my waist, kissed me and then took my hand and led me into his office. Eric has this really old leather sofa that had been his father’s. The leather was kind of worn in spots and a bit stretched out of shape but it was soft and comforting. We sat together as he held both my hands in his and looked deeply into my eyes.

“All right, honey, since we didn’t get to discuss this face to face last night, I’d like to hear a full accounting of just what took place yesterday, from the minute you got up until we talked on the phone.” He spoke with such quiet patience, it made me feel even more ashamed of myself.

He let me speak at my own pace, interrupting only a few times to clarify a point or two. Not once did he pass any judgement or make a negative remark.

“That’s it, up until the moment you called. Eric, I can’t tell you how bad I feel about this.” My voice was shaky and tired.

“I’m very glad Cecily called when she did. We are lucky to have such a good friend. It seems she helped you quite a bit.”

I nodded my head. “Yes, she’s a very special person. I don’t know what I would have done if she hadn’t called.”

Eric squeezed my hands as he spoke. “As I see it, Reggie, it boils down to three points. First, you took or at least attempted to take my car after you had been specifically told not to. Second, you defied the rule about always eating breakfast, although you know that keeping your blood sugar level is important to your control of ADHD. And third, you were unspeakably rude to John in that message you left on his answering machine. When I came home today there was a message from him on our machine. The poor man was terribly distressed over what you said. When I called him back it took me twenty minutes to calm him down and reassure him that we had no intentions of suing him for damages. I had to apologize profusely for you and have promised him that you would be doing the same in person at his shop tomorrow morning.”

I hung my head in shame remembering the awful things I had said to this poor man who had never been anything but kind to us.

“Okay then, let’s get this taken care of.” Eric is always so calm, even when he is about to sear my backside. He pulled me to my feet in front of him, reached up and undid my belt, then popped the button and pulled down the zipper on my trousers. Sliding his thumbs into the waistband of my boxers he sent everything sliding down to the floor. Before I could draw another breath, I found myself across his lap with his left arm wrapped securely around my waist and his right hand resting on my butt.

“Why are you being spanked, Reggie?” he always asked and I hated having to say it. It was embarrassing and felt almost as bad as the spanking itself.

“Because I took your car when you said no. I didn’t eat when I’m supposed to and I was rude to John.”

I could feel his hand raise off of my bottom and then a split second later felt it crack hard against my right cheek. Eric is nothing if not thorough in everything he does and spanking me is no exception to that rule. His hand moved fast and hard, covering both cheeks and the upper part of my thighs several times over. I tried so hard not to give into tears but I never succeeded. By the third circuit, tears were pouring from between my tightly closed eyes. By the fifth circuit, I was pleading with him to stop, promising to behave forever and a day. No matter how much I begged or kicked, he kept going with intermittent reminders of listening to what I was told, eating properly and thinking before I spoke rudely to someone.

My butt felt like it would momentarily burst into flame and I was sobbing uncontrollably when I suddenly realized it had stopped. Eric released his hold on my waist and I slid to my knees on the floor, soaking his jeans with my tears as I held onto him tightly.

When I calmed down a bit I found a handful of tissues gently drying my face. Eric pulled me up into his lap, mindful of my tenderized backside and I snuggled into him gratefully, sniveling my sorrow into his shoulder as he gently stroked my back.

“It’s okay now, sweetheart, it’s all over. We’re good now.” He repeated this gentle mantra over and over.

Yesterday at this time, I felt so alone in the world, abandoned. How I could ever think that way when I was lucky enough to have this wonderful man and a caring dear friend in my life. Abandoned? No way!

The End.

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